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"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." Acts 2:42

- Marty and Tina Ganong

Real Simple Biblical

Pioneer Bible Translators

Marty and Tina Ganong went to West Africa two decades ago to provide the Baga people with the Bible in their native language. The one big stumbling block: the Baga language had no written form.

Undeterred, the Ganongs have lived with the Baga people, raised two daughters (Heather and Laura), and endeavored to create a written language, teach that written language, and share God's Word with the people they encounter in their daily lives.

Many of the people in the Ganongs' community are Muslim, so they know the major prophets and figures of the Old Testament, as well as Jesus. For this reason, translation began with the common roots of Genesis, followed by Luke and Acts. The book of Joshua is on the verge of publication, and Galatians and Exodus are underway.

The process is lengthy, requiring checking and rechecking to ensure accuracy. In the meantime, the Ganongs deal with the challenges of life in a foreign country, with limited resources of all kinds (physical, financial, and family).

Their team includes Abou, their crucial indigenous co-translator, who has been with them since the beginning and was critical in the development of the language and readers. Recently, Kyle and Katie have joined their team to help encourage literacy and help with distribution.

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